Jake Tjapaltjarri Indigenous Australian, b. 1970-


Jake was born in 1970, in Kiwirrkurra. He is the son of famous Indigenous artist George ‘Hairbrush’ Tjungurrayi and has a very similar style to his father. The main theme behind his artworks is the portrayal of the Tingari cycle, a myth that was passed down to him from his father. Tingari refers to a group of ancestral elders who went on massive journeys through the Gibson/Western deserts. The adventures of the Tingari group consists of numerous song and painting cycles that still influence the Pintupi people today. Because there is no written language, the songs and paintings of the Tingari cycle are a crucial way of passing down ancient laws. The paintings of the Pintupi people are typically aerial views of the landscape they are making their huge journeys on and reflect how huge their country is. These paintings not only portray the physical landscape but also the spiritual and how they interact.