Brendan Kelly U T T E R * B E D L A M
23 March - 6 April 2023

Utter Bedlam (2023) is painter Brendan Kelly's newest collection of abstract-expressionist works, which take us on a journey inward, giving form to the beauty and suffering of the mind. Exploring themes around mental health and how society treats it, Kelly serves as a guide into the darkness. His dramatic and mesmerizing paintings ultimately shine light on shared experiences and common struggles, stirring conversation about treatment and care in society at large.


Join us this Saturday 25th March for drinks from 3pm to 6pm at BCFA, as we open the exhibition of these gripping works. The exploration of the history of mental health treatment is a darkly beautiful experience, and we are excited to have Brendan Kelly with us to discuss this journey and where it has taken him as an artist.



Some words and terminology used in the Utter Bedlam exhibition such as asylum, lunatic, mental hospital, and hysteria are now considered out of date or inappropriate. They have been used to express and address historical content relating to contemporary mental health care. No offence is intended.