The Joy Effect: Belinda Wilson

10 - 24 November 2022

Brenda Colahan Fine Art is pleased to present The Joy Effect, the eleventh solo exhibition of Melbourne-based landscape painter Belinda Wilson. In brilliant colour, Wilson's work invites us into a state of harmony. The works embody a sense of vivacious glee as the skies, fauna, and earth dance together. Wilson's unique style shines brightly in this collection of new works, which are drawn from her immersion into the Victorian countryside.


"I seek new ways to characterize Australia's multifaceted and self-possessed physiography…to take audiences on a voyage of deep elation and spiritual interconnectedness."


Most gripping in this collection is Wilson's characterizations of relationships. Her work uses the dynamics between natural elements to provide commentary and reflection on interpersonal and emotional relationships, and this new collection of works reorients her practice inward toward the emotional spectrum. Through her external surroundings, Wilson captures the beauty, wonder, and mystery of the bliss that lives within us all.


The Joy Effect emphasizes the duality between earth and sky, with the gallery serving as a portal from our corporeal earth to the effervescent, warming sky of our emotions. Amplifying this theme, this exhibition is also the debut of Wilson's innovatively designed, cloud-like glass sculpture works. Executed by internationally recognized glass artist Ruth Allen, these pieces realize the environmental elements of Belinda's art in three-dimensional form, as well as enhance the sensations of enduring fulfilment and sensory appreciation.


Through her complexion of colours, blend of representational and interpretational segments, and recognition of uniqueness, Wilson invokes deep-seated gratitude and a state of internal contentment and pleasure that transcends far beyond the canvas itself.