Kathleen Injiki Tjapalya FIrst Nations Australian, b. 1948


Kathleen Injiki Tjapalyi is a senior Yankunytjatjara woman and she was born in 1948 at Iwantja, east of Mimili Community (Indulkana). Her father's country is Makirri, near Fregon and her mother's country is Iltur, (Coffin Hill). Painitng for Ananguku Mimili Maku Arts, Kathleen paints Antara- a scared place for the Anangu.  This place holds many songlines (Tjujurrpa) stories that cross the land.  There is a special rockhole where women perform inmaku pakani, a dance ceremony that creates enouigh maku (witchetty grub) for everyone.  The landscape is also depicted in Kathleen's paintings, surrounded with rocks, rockholes, creeks and mountains.