Anna Pitjara Indigenous Australian, b. c.1965-

Anna Pitjara was born in 1965 in Utopia, which is North East of Alice Springs. Anna began to paint in the early 1980s, when the women of Utopia were introduced to working with canvas and acrylic paints. Very influenced by the Utopia movement, prior to her paintings she produced Batiks. In the beginning she produced paintings with bold, vivid colours with minimal dotting. However, as she progressed she began to use detailed dotting in her works with small blocks of colour. She began using intricate dot patterns in the year 2000 to create her Sand Hills/My Country work, which has emerged as one of her most popular collections.


Anna paints stories that represent the Yam Seed Dreaming, Sandhills & Women’s Body Paint. She is highly creative and her works are extremely attractive because of the use of colour, extreme detail and great sense of movement.