Freddie Timms Indigenous Australian, b. 1946-2017

Freddie Timms creates bold and striking paintings which are aerial views of the land where he was born, lived and worked all of his life. This particular stretch of land includes Police Hole, Bow River, and Lissadell and Texas Down Stations. His works include natural features of the landscape such as black soil, red ground, sandy ground, hills, creeks and water holes as well as the man-made marks of roads, stock yards, homesteads. In addition to this, his works are of the social and spiritual significance of the land.


He is very politically driven and often references the brutal treatment of Indigenous people by white settlers in his work. He was also integral in establishing a strong relationship between Indigenous artists and the Australian art market, in order to help enable a strong and fair tie with galleries and dealers. He was also partially responsible for the establishment of Jirrawun Aboriginal Art Corporation in 2000.


Timm’s works are represented in major collections in Australia and has exhibited in Germany, Japan, France, USA and New Zealand.