Rodney Pople Australian, b. 1952-

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G E O R G E   P O P L E (Artist’s assistant)


George Pople is an emerging photographer and filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia. His key areas of expertise are in 35mm film photography, video and film. While completing his final year of secondary school, he works as an assistant photographer to artist Rodney Pople and official photographer for Newington College, Sydney. His short films have attracted multiple awards in Australia and internationally.




Assistant to Rodney Pople (film and video), Tasmania, 2016

Documentary photographer (digital), Newington College, 2016–17




Writer and Director, “I think I’ll Take the Stairs”, 2015

Writer and Director, “Marrickville Road”, 2015

Writer and Director, “In Memory”, 2016



Finalist, “I think I’ll Take the Stairs”, Newington Film Festival, Sydney, 2015

Winner, Best Script, “I think I’ll Take the Stairs”, Scots Fest, Sydney, 2015

Finalist, “In Memory”, Chatswood Short Film Festival, Sydney, 2016

Winner, Best Film, “In Memory”, Newington Film Festival, Sydney, 2016

Winner, Best Director, “In Memory”, Scots Fest, 2017

Winner, Best Director, “In Memory”, International Junior Film Festival, Bangladesh, 2017