Tracey Moffatt AO Australian, Lives new York and Sydney, b. 1960-

Tracey Moffatt is considered one of Australia's most successful artists ever, both nationally and internationally. She is certainly one of the few Australian artists to have established a global market for her work. A filmmaker as well as photographer, Moffatt has held around 100 solo exhibitions of her work in Europe, the United States and Australia. Her films, including Nightcries - A Rural Tragedy, 1989, and Bedevil, 1993, have been screened at the Cannes Film Festival, the Dia Centre for the Arts in New York and the National Centre for Photography in Paris.


In Adventure Series, 2004, Moffatt's characteristic 'inbetweenness' can be seen. She has created images where the audience cannot be quite sure of origin and meaning. This uncertainty, so familiar from dreams and the imaginary, has poignancy as well as pathos. Moffatt is adroit at presenting a plethora of emotionally charged images that the audience may remember from other contexts.


She describes preparing the series;

 In July and August of 2003 I returned from New York to my hometown of Brisbane in the subtropical north to be artist-in-residence at the Institute of Modern Art.  Here I was to produce a new body of work called 'Adventure Series', inspired by The Flying Doctor series, an adventure comic strip I read as a kid in the Brisbane newspapers as well as the 1970s Australian television seafaring show, The Rovers.

Backdrop paintings aside I knew that my work for this series was only beginning. As it turned out this series was extremely difficult to make. I had imagined that it would be so easy: that I would be given a rent free chic living space to live and work in (this was true, as the Institute's studios are modern and Swedish looking). That everything I needed for my photo shoot would be right there in front of me and that I only needed a truck to go and pick it up, and that it would all be really cheap or even free. This certainly wasn't true.