Valuation Qualifications

BCFA Gallery Director and Valuer, Brenda Colahan, carries the highest qualifications, being an ACAA Registered Valuer and an approved valuer for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.  (click to view CGP website)

 The classes of property for which she is CGP approved are extensive and include;

  • Australian painting, drawing, prints, sculpture after 1880;
  • Photography after 1900; Video Art
  • Australian ceramics after 1900;
  • Indigenous art after 1970
  • International modern and contemporary painting, drawing, prints, sculpture, photography, ceramics after 1880.

Admission as an ACAA Registered Valuer 

  • As the leading group, ACAA Registered Valuers need to meet the strictest criteria for any valuers council or industry group in Australia.
  • All ACAA Registered Valuers must be Approved Valuers under the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. 
  • Admission as a member to the ACAA is also required.  
  • ACAA membership is based on relevant tertiary qualifications, at least 5 years of industry experience, independence as a professional consultant/valuer plus referral from two art industry leaders, including an existing ACAA member. 
  • Membership must be endorsed by the consent (or abstention) of all Executive Committee Members. 

Codes of Conduct 

  • ACAA Registered Valuers must abide by the Cultural GIfts Program Code of Conduct
  • ACAA Registered Valuers must also abide by the ACAA Code of Practice 

Certificate of Registration, ACAA Registered Valuers Logo and Seals  

  • The ACAA Registered Valuers Logo is an indication that the valuer you engage has met all the standards of excellence required to be registered with the ACAA.  
  • ACAA Registered Valuers are issued with a Certificate of Registration, which outlines the valuers name, registration number, registration period, and date of admission.  
  • ACAA Registered Valuers may choose to emboss documents with a personal valuers seal, which also displays their name, number and registration period. 
  • Registration is strictly for a two (2) year period only, after which all valuers need to reapply for renewal. 
  • Removal as an ACAA Registered Valuer will take place anytime, should the valuer fail to meet the strict ethical standards required to maintain registration.

Brenda has been a member of the Fine Arts Division of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers since 2001, whose membership requirements demand annual renewal of industry knowledge and valuation standards under a strict points system.   Membership number 545. NCJV's Disclaimer.