B R E N D A   C O L A H A N : Director



Brenda Colahan is a respected authority in the Australian art market, with 29 years experience in the industry.  Having established BCFA in 1998, Brenda has operated as an independent  art professional for 25 years and in 2016, opened a vibrant gallery in Sydney's Putney.  Brenda is highly regarded for her integrity and is a trusted art valuer and advisor to artists, galleries, collectors and public institutions. 


As an art valuer Brenda carries the highest qualifications, being approved for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program in a broad range of Australian and International classes of property. From 2010-2020 Brenda hed positions as an Executive Member and Treasurer of the Art Consulting Association of Australia (ACAA), co- founding the ACAA's Valuers Council, and from 2017-2019, was an Executive Member and Treasurer of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia (AAAA).  Brenda has been a member of the Fine Arts Division of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers since 2001, whose membership requirements demand annual renewal of industry knowledge and valuation standards under a strict points system.


Brenda has extensive experience as a valuer, having undertaken many thousands of market valuations for audit, insurance, and resale purposes, and for donations under the Cultural Gifts Program. 


As an art advisor Brenda is informed with current, unbiased art market data, and shares her wealth of knowledge with her clients. Her wide network of art market professionals is highly advantageous for any collector wishing to form a well-balanced art collection.


Graduating with Honours in Fine Art and Archaeology from the University of Sydney, Brenda has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Adult Education. Her professional experience includes commercial gallery management and specialist positions within an international auction house, as well as numerous curatorial projects.


With highly developed research, writing and lecture skills, Brenda demystifies fine art to a broad audience. She has been a feature writer for the Australian Art Market Report, and Art Equity’s Art Insight.


Brenda has collaborated extensively with a range of individual collectors and investors. She works with corporate clients from the private and public sectors, which have included The Balnaves Foundation, Corrigan Collection, ANZ Investment Bank, Bovis Lend lease, Lexus/Toyota, the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, and NSW State Rail Authority.


Brenda has given her time extensively to raise funds for leading charities through the donation of artwork. Her personal philosophy is that art is a dynamic channel of communication and should be made accessible to everyone.