Into The Quiet: Tracey Levett

21 July - 4 August 2022

Artist’s Statement- Tracey Levett


“This suite of new paintings is intentionally contemplative and quiet, a direct response to the "noise" of our modern hi tech world. For this exhibition I aspired to create works that were beautiful and calming. An antidote to contemporary life.


A love of philosophy is what inspires me the most. The enduring theme of my work has been trying to make sense of this short burst of physicality we call life. The end result being to make the most of our time here on earth.  Reading, films and extraordinary people all fill my cup, all of which gives me the material from which to create


The best thing about working as an artist is it gives me permission to have time alone in the studio and to do what I love. The work I create requires silence and that's not always an easy thing to find. As I am also a people person, showing my work gives me an opportunity to engage with a wide variety of people many of whom are on my wavelength. 


Having a distinguished collector from New York acquire over fifty of my paintings has been very exciting and also validating. In 2012 I had a solo exhibition, Luminescence at The Australian Consulate, my family all made it to New York, it was a thrill. In 2019 I had a show Essence in Notting Hill, London that was quite magical and fortunately happened just before all the lockdowns hit the world. 


Probably the hardest thing is to keep working and to maintain a belief in myself and what I'm doing, especially when there are long bouts of time between exhibitions. The impact of COVID on creatives and galleries everywhere has been quite devastating, hopefully that is now coming to an end.”