Three Indigenous Women: Jorna Newberry, Debbie Brown Napaltjarri & Mary Brown Napangati

18 September - 2 October 2021

BCFA brings together three Indigenous women whose country spans the vast lands of the central and western deserts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia.


Jorna Newberry, a PItjantjatjara woman from the Warakurna Community of WA , who shares her intricate, delicate renderings of the Ngintaka Songline.


Mary Brown Napangati, a Warlpiri woman from Nyrippi on the NT/WA border, laying bare the iconography and symbolism of her visual language.


And Debbie Brown Napaltjarri, a Pintupi woman from Yuendumu in the Territory whose sensual, curvilinear lines in the finest of dotting, create an optical quality like the shifting sands of the desert floor, and recall her father's Tjukurrpa.


All three of these remarkable artists share with us the richness of their unique stories of country, culture and kinship. And we are left spellbound.