Claire Yerbury USA/Australian, b. 1970

Claire Yerbury is an artist from Northern Rivers NSW who works from her home and studio nestled in the trees on her rural property surrounded by nature. Working on wooden panels using a combination of acrylic paint, Inktense pencils, oil crayon, print collage and paper, she builds layers that gently link, sometimes contrasting, sometimes blending but always flowing with a subtle unifying thread. Her themes of life, death, beauty, decay, growth, joy, sorrow and impermanence stem from her interest in Zen Buddhism and her observations of the natural world. Often these themes are expressed using images that reflect her musical background as a cellist and her experience and studies in horticulture. The smaller scale on which she prefers to work, intensifies her subject matter and gives each piece a feeling of intimate preciousness. Claire has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts (Sydney University 1991) and has been exhibiting her work in galleries in Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania and locally throughout the Northern Rivers for the past 25 years. Her work continues to evolve as she expresses her unique and personal experience of life.