Floral Lush: Melony Kara Smirniotis

1 - 21 November 2021

The exhibition ‘Floral Lush’ presents a dance between colour, light and texture. Local gardens explored daily, often several times a day, from a variety of perspectives were the inspiration for this body of work.


“I enjoy pushing colour and texture, letting the two intertwine, taking on their own direction. One informs the other, constantly evolving and building whilst drawing upon my subconscious connection to the subject matter."


The conversations with those tending to their gardens, sharing their plans for the composition based on the seasons and their personal vision had me eager to get to the studio. The passion that was expressed in unpacking these plans resonated with me. Their words were heartfelt and personal. Each day I would pass by to explore the changes in the colours and textures, often like a child in anticipation.


In the studio, with simultaneous works in progress, I would find that often, certain textures would unexpectedly need to recede, others would suddenly demand attention. The daily visual data that I was subconsciously collecting was filtering through onto the canvas. My process had become heavily influenced by my daily experience of these gardens. I found that certain markings would rise to the surface, directing  brushstrokes or the angle of the palette knife. The seasons, the weather, the absence of the gardener… there were so many variables that were at play in the studio.


My focus is always on the tactile nature of the work, the peaks and the valleys, constantly assessing the pockets of light, intentionally exaggerating such sections to evoke emotion in the work.. to translate the feelings  / emotional impression of the subject matter.