Eileen Napaltjarri Indigenous Australian, b. c.1956-

Born: Haasts Bluff, NT

Language Group: Pintupi

Community: Kintore, NT


Eileen Napaltjarri grew up in Haasts Bluff before moving to Papunya and on to Kintore. She paints ancestral counrty near Kintore-Tjiturrulpa. Featuring strong sand hill designs.


Familiar with the Papunya Tula Movement for a long time due to her dad, Charlie Tararu Tjugurrayi, being one of the founding members, in addition, her mother was also a successful artist with the company.


Eileen started to explore her talent in the nineties. However, it was only in the late nineties that she began to acquire her own style. Her openness to different kinds of experimentation within her work is something that remains from when she first started until now. A recurring motif in her work is the use of shimmering light, which is a basis of a body of work that is simply illuminating.