Robert Jacks Australian, 1943-2014

Robert Jacks is one of Australia’s most significant and accomplished abstract artists. His constant exploration of abstract through an array of different mediums has created a unique and influential path through late twentieth and early twenty-first Australian art.


Jacks attended Prahran Technical College from 1958-1960 where he first studied sculpture and then subsequently moved to RMIT in 1961-62 to study painting. His first solo exhibition proved to be an enormous success and in 1968 his work was included in the landmark exhibition, The Field, at the National Gallery of Victoria.


In 1968, Jack spent the next ten years living and working in Canada and the United States. It was during this time he became inspired by his artistic peers, Sol LeWitt and Donald Judd and as a result his work drastically evolved into incorporating elements of contemporary abstraction, minimalism and conceptual practice, in his work. It is because of these experiences, Robert Jacks has carved out a unique place for himself within the history and development of twentieth century Australian art.