Brad Munro Australian, 1963-2016

Brad Munro's seductive abstract landscapes entice us into his world of colour, mood and sensibility. He paints about desire- transcending cultural conditioning. Works present the balance between yin and yang, between tension and harmony.  

In technique Munro is a master of abstraction and colour theory.  Applying pure hue from the colour wheel directly to the picture plane, the results are extraordinary journeys which hold the viewer spellbound. The sheer thickness of applied paint is testament to Munro's enormous energy and the physicality or "process" of creating. 

"My painting concerns consist with the "rightness" of colour and composition, although my departure point is one of discord. The paintings undergo various stages of order and chaos as I work organically with the "masculine" and "feminine" quality of oil paint. The end result is a simplified vision that has grown from a complicated process, making them highly appealing in today's society". Brad Munro