Matthew Johnson Australian, b. 1963-

Matthew Johnson was born in London in 1963 but now resides in Melbourne. From 1982-84 he attended the National Art School Sydney and received a Higher Art Certificate.


His colourful surfaces are a result of experimentation with application and layering of paint. He is extremely inspired by the work of Japanese nihonga – style painters who are trained in traditional methods of mixing rare pigments with varying textures. Johnson uses the iridescent pigment iriodin which is made from sand in his works to produce a beautiful glow.


My work emulates an abstract environment based upon variables in nature and the manmade.   I imbue recent works with different observations; some based on a singular view with shifting change, and others on the filtration of light in a singular viewpoint - an environment affected by the abiotic.  A static viewpoint, of a solid form or element, is constantly veiled and affected by both visible and indivisible forces. There is no one single state of condition.  Weather remains the kinetic makeup of atmosphere. The artist.