Caleb Slater Australian, b. 2001


Born in 2001, Caleb has grown up for most of his adult life in Sydney’s Inner West. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the prestigious National Art School in Darlinghurst, Sydney.


From a young age being exposed to an array of street art due to the urban nature of his surroundings Caleb always had a fond interest in art. This fed into his state of mind that art could be used as a way to add beauty to places that may be neglected or ignored. From the age of around 13 till the current day he has strong roots in graffiti and street art.


His interests also are focused on more traditional mediums of painting and printmaking. His current works have a very loose feel, as he explores human emotion and vulnerability. Through this, his subject matter being the human form. Caleb is not trying to highlight the idealistic person but instead a more flawed and scratched perception of humankind.



2021 commenced Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Art School, Darlighurst, Sydney

2019 Higher School Certificate, St Mary’s Cathedral College, Sydney



2021 Group Exhibition, Brenda Colahan Fine Art, Putney, Sydney

2020 Group Exhibition, Brenda Colahan Fine Art, Putney, Sydney