Tracey Levett English, Australian, b. 1961-

Tracey Levett is an Australian artist based in Sydney. She is an abstract painter whose interest in philosophy is the enduring theme of her work.  Her ethereal paintings composed of translucent layers of paint allude to her feeling that there is a subtle but eternal Presence in all of creation.


She incorporates text into her paintings, feeling that the energy of the words although often obscure is still felt when looking at the painting.  Her powerful works leave the viewer with a sense of optimism and a feeling of ongoing contemplation.


Tracey has exhibited in Sydney, New York, Byron Bay and London.  Her paintings are held in public spaces in Sydney and she has a strong following in New York where one collector has acquired over 50 of her paintings. She is constantly exploring new ways to express her inner life and to uplift and inspire those who see her work.