Anna Pitjara Indigenous Australian, b. c.1965-

1998 Selected entrant for the 15th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Award, Darwin 
Art Bank (Sydney)
Art Gallery of South Australia (Adelaide)
Powerhouse Museum (Sydney)
Museum & Art Gallery Northern Territory (Darwin)
Homes a Court Gallery and gallery Collection (Perth)
Art Gallery of Western Australia (Perth)
Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane)
The Kerry Stokes Collection
Anthropology Art Museum Perth; also private and corporate collections in USA, Singapore, Ireland, India, Poland, Denmark and France.
2002 Glen Eira City Gallery, Melbourne
2002 Galerie Le Temps du Reve, France
2002 Hogarth Galleries, Sydney
2001 WOMEN'S BUSINESS, Australian Exhibition Centre, Chicago, USA
2001 Japingka Gallery, Perth
2001 Raintree Aboriginal Art Gallery, Darwin
2000 Tandanya, Adelaide
2000 Dacou (in association with AMP), Mary Place Gallery, Sydney
1999 Tandanya, Adelaide
1999 BMG Art, Adelaide
1998 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Award, Darwin
1998 Quadrivium Gallery, Sydney
1997 Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
1997 Dacou Gallery, Adelaide
1996 UTOPIA DREAMING, Soho Gallery, Sydney