Jill Noble Australian, b. 1962-

Jill Noble was born in Adelaide in 1962 and studied at the South Australian School of Art before moving to Melbourne in 1982, where she became a founding member of ROAR studios. She is mainly a painter and sculptor, who has exhibited in the south eastern capital cities since 1982.


Landscape is her main inspiration. However, how she interprets the landscape is by the reoccurring use of simplified motifs. There is a process of adding and subtracting in her work, as she edits arrangements until her work reaches a harmonious composition. Arrangement and reduction is crucial in her aesthetic decision making.


She is well known for producing simple works of art. In her eyes, work that is uncluttered and to the point is visually restful.


The incentive comes from real life observations, anything from a grand open vista to a humble  corner paddock with old shed. My considerations are form, space, colour and texture and their endless arrangement potential.  These elements are given priority over striving towards realism and any of it’s implied principles. Whimsy and light heartedness temper any notion of grand design. I feel a genuine warmth for my subject matter which I find in many places.


Recent work has come from observations within the north central farmlands of Victoria’s boulder country. Landscapes which inform compositions with bold and endless shape making.

While other inspirations have been collected whilst tending to little jobs around my Lancefield farm block. Farm things which arrange themselves in an open paddock become muse; paddock becomes blank canvas, playfully edited and directed. Other inspirations have been collected in places I’ve lived and continue to visit, such as the Gippsland Lakes and the South Australian desert.