Patricia Piccinini Australian, b. 1965-

Patricia Piccinini was born in Sierra Leone before moving to Australia in 1972.  She received a BA in Economic History from Australian National University, Canberra in 1988, and a BA in painting from Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, in 1991.  At the start of her career, she would draw inspiration for her artworks spending time in medical museums, creating drawings of preserved specimens. This imagery has greatly influenced her latter sculptural work.


Today, Piccinini is one of the most acclaimed artists in Australia, with broad popular appeal. Her work has also gained extensive international recognition.  Working with a wide range of media, including sculpture, video, drawing, installation and digital prints, major artworks reflect interests in world issues such as bioethics, biotechnologies, the environment and the impact of technology on everyday life. Utilising silicone, fiberglass, even human hair, the artist constructs sculpture that appears familiar, yet hyperrealistic.


In the seductive "car panel" sculpture, Spunky, from the Autoerotic series of 2002, Piccinini focusses on our love affair with cars, highlighting them as objects of desire. Made of abstracted squares of moulded plastic, these brightly coloured grids ooze sensuality and in their shiny mirrored surfaces, we gaze upon our own reflection.